Absorbent Coasters

Welcome to Absorbent Coasters! At last, a handcrafted Moisture Absorbing Coaster that really works!

These one-of-a-kind coasters are personally hand poured with extreme care and polished to perfection for each individual customer. To protect your fine furniture from scratches a cork back is applied to the finished product.

When the smaller version of our high quality handcrafted coaster is used in your vehicle cup holder, it also absorbs the drips from your cold drink cups and eliminates the usual puddles that accumulate in the holder.

WAH LA – No more drips in your lap!

Avoid Those Drippy Cups
These coasters have the look of marble with contrasting colored swirls to match your individual decor. The history of the coasters boast of perfection and durability. They are fully moisture absorbing from water that would normally puddle under your cold drinks.

You can TRUST completely that these coasters really work – tried and proven for over 15 Years.

Care and Cleaning
With a clean soft cloth gently clean the top side only with a mild dish detergent – do not immerse the coaster in water – and hand dry with a soft cloth. Allow your coaster to completely dry at least 24 hours before resuming use. We suggest rotating your coasters when you use them on a daily basis. Most stains can be avoided if your coasters are kept clean from drips and spills daily.
If you use your coasters on a daily basis it is important to allow your coasters to periodically be exposed to full air – free of a drink cup or glass for a minimum of 24 hours.

These coasters are NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. Follow the instructions above and your coasters will give you many years of pleasure.

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