Ceiling Fan Pulls, Absorbent Coasters, Tooth Pick Clips

Welcome to Fan Pulls Galore, Absorbent Coasters, Tooth Pick Clips and Wall Plaques Galore – your one stop shopping for personally handcrafted, one-of-a- kind decorative products.

We have been creating unique crafts since 1986 and look forward to having our designs as part of your home decor. Ceiling fan pulls, absorbent coasters, tooth pick clips!

Our one-of-a-kind Ceiling Fan Pulls are all created from 3/4″ hardwood and are flat. They are detailed the same on both sides. The pulls are NOT 3-D except for the baseballs – volleyballs – soccer balls, and golf balls, which are 1″ spheres.  The lighthouses are 2″x 3/4″. and are 3-D.   Most of our other fan pulls measure approximately 1 3/4″ tall x 1 3/4″ wide depending on their specific shapes. The pulls are detailed using the decoupage method and are finished with a non-yellowing sealer. They are NOT stickers glued to wood – but a printed design that is specially adhered to the wood with decoupage and a clear sealer is added to complete the pull.  Each pull comes complete with either a Silver or Brass 12″ chain – which can easily be shortened to your desired length. 

Our Toothpick Clips will hold your toothpicks all in one place in your vehicle.  The holder slides onto your visor with a sturdy clip and has a special groove that keeps the picks in place when you tip your visor down for use.  Choose from your favorite sports team logofavorite pastime or we can create most logos if is not shown.

Our Wall Plaques with 3″ wood shaker pegs measure approximately 13″ long x 6-8″ tall depending on the specific design.  They are created using custom prints adhered to the wood using decoupage and finished with color coordinating pegs. The plaques will hold light jackets – pj’s – dance – etc items.

Our handcrafted moisture Absorbing Coasters really do absorb. They are unique.  We have personally been hand pouring and selling these unique coasters for over 18 years. Our customer base is a combination of repeat buyers – using a friends or co-workers coasters after experiencing their unique quality of absorbing the moisture of their cold drink cups.  They make wonderful bridal/wedding gifts, birthday, housewarming and a great gift for teachers and co-workers.  They are hand polished to perfection and a cork bottom is applied to protect your furniture. Absolutely NO MORE PUDDLES!

Custom orders are welcome for the Fan Pulls, Wall Plaques and Toothpick Clips. Contact us.  We are able to create most requests.

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